About Midwest Federal Benefits

Midwest Federal Benefits is an advocate resource for federal employees located in Kansas and Missouri. Federal employees enjoy one of the best benefit packages available, yet many of our clients have shared their frustration in finding assistance with understanding how their benefits work and getting help in creating a sound financial plan for themselves and their family.

We advocate for our federal employee clients by providing information and education regarding:

  • Your federal benefit package and other options available to you
  • Potential mistakes in setting up your benefit package, and how to correct them
  • How to avoid unintentionally disinheriting your spouse or family from your retirement benefits
  • Ways to improve the value and cost of your federal life insurance benefits
  • Retirement options – what to expect from FERS or CERS benefits, little known Social Security benefits available to federal employees and assistance in targeting your optimum retirement date
  • Strategies to give you more control of your benefits to meet your personal and family financial goals

Midwest Federal Benefits also assists federal employees in updating their benefits, completing and filing forms, and periodic reviews of financial goals to ensure they are on track with their personal financial plan. Understanding and mastering your federal benefits is a process. If you would like help in reviewing your benefits so you can control your financial future and protect your family contact us today.

Meet Our Team

Lynn Salvini

Lynn Salvini

An experienced advisor in educating, assisting and advocating for Federal Employees regarding their benefits, Lynn Salvini’s years of experience help federal workers develop a customized plan, based on each person’s risk tolerance and individual goals. Her objective is to help individuals live comfortably while minimizing unnecessary expenses. She also assists in completion of their retirement "Blue Book" and developing a plan for the retirement process.

Lynn Graduated from University of Kansas in 1989 with a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work and worked in private practice as a family therapist, then expanded to include Hospice Consulting and Care. In 1995 she was certified in Organizational Development from the University of Oklahoma. She expanded her practice to provide consultation to businesses and help them reduce costs and utilize their employees effectively.

In 2007 Lynn received her insurance license and began providing insurance products and resources to individuals in the Federal Government. She has access to over 150 products and services to use in helping her clients.

Don Thessen

Don Thessen

Don has helped mature Americans create strategies to protect their financial assets since 1991. His experience and expertise has helped hundreds of clients insure their savings and their families from potential health and disability issues, market risk and unnecessary taxation. Before joining Midwest Federal Benefits, Don assisted a number of federal employee and active military clients.

He is a graduate of Missouri State University and started his financial services career with a leading insurance carrier in 1991. After 12 years with a major insurance company, Don entered the insurance brokerage market to ensure he always had access to the best financial products to benefit his client and their particular need.

Don’s practice is focused on using principal-protected financial tools to help mature clients protect and preserve financial assets, create reliable retirement income, and legacy gifts for family. There are many factors to consider in creating sound plan, and each individual’s situation brings unique issues to consider when creating the plan.